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  • Traditional-thai-massage-online-massage-course

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    Traditional Thai massage course

    COURSE AVAILABLE IN 2018. Learn to perform the most popular Eastern massage technique, Traditional Thai massage, and comprehend the basic concepts of Traditional Thai Medicine. Do you want to be informed when it is out? 

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  • Ayurvedic-Indian-head-massage-champi-online-massage-course

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    Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage Course (Champi)

    Learn to perform the complete Indian Head massage Champi, comprehend its origins in the Ayurveda medicine, master its benefits and indications, etc. while earning 6 CE credits!

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    Tibetan Singing Bowl Sets

    We offer singing bowl sets for Tibetan Singing bowl massage, any other type of sound healing, meditation, etc. Our singing bowls are hand-made in Nepal and of the highest quality, and we send them to your doorstep. You get up to 50% discount on our Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage online course when buying a singing bowl set from us.

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  • Tibetan-singing-bowl-massage-online-massage-course

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    Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage course

    Learn  to perform up to 6 Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage sessions, comprehend the energy theory of Tibetan Medicine, become familiar with the effects of sound massage, etc. You will earn 15 CE credits! You get up to 50% discount on the course price when buying a singing bowls set from us.

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  • Ayurvedic-Abhyanga-massage-online-massage-course

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    Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage course

    Learn the Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage, comprehend and put into practice the Ayurveda philosophy and medicine, learn from Ayurvedic doctors, etc. 14 CE credits OUT NOW!

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  • Tibetan-KuNye-massage-online-massage-course

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    Tibetan KuNye Massage Course

    Learn to perform the complete KuNye massage, get an insight into the holistic view on human health characteristic for Tibetan Medicine, learn to implement it in your massage practice/Spa, etc. You will receive 20 CE Credits. Out Now!

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