Want to feel younger and healthier? Want to feel more energetic and live your life to the fullest? Want to become stronger and get in shape, both physically and mentally? If yes! Then The Five Rites might just be something for you!


It is told that a group of Tibetan monks and lamas detected a method for staying young and healthy, and yes, even “growing” younger! Obviously, when the word got out and the rumours spread about this unforeseen technique, people got curious and wanted to be a part of this youthful clan…


I might disappoint you by saying that there is no magical potion that will keep you young until the end of times. As in most cases, you will have to do your bit in order to enjoy the positive effects of this ancient method. But, honestly, as performing The Five Rites is so very simple and it´s done in no time, I totally think it´s worth it!

The Five Rites is essentially an exercise program that consists of performing five exercises or rites, 21 times each, on a daily basis. The program is based on the Ayurvedic perception of the human body, in which the seven energy centers or chakras (in modern medicine the ductless glands) are responsible for the process of ageing. In a healthy body the chakras spin around at high speed, permitting the vital energy to flow freely upward through the endocrine system. When one or several of the chakras slow down, the energy flow is blocked, producing illness or/and ageing. Why, then, are The Five Rites so successful?  Because they keep the chakras spinning rapidly, normalizing the flow of vital energy througout the body, this way keeping us young and energetic. 


It is recommended to start practicing each rite a few times, according to your physical condition, and to progressively increase the number of repetitions weekly until reaching the total of 21. The rites should not be performed more than 21 times as this is counterproductive. You get the most out of them if you perform them daily, or at least six days a week, and if you perform all of them together and in the correct order.

The First Rite

Stand straight, with your arms stretched out and palms facing down, and spin around in clockwise direction. (Inhale and exhale deeply). Repeat 21 times.


The Second Rite

  1. Lie flat on your back with your arms by your side.
  2. Bring your chin to your chest and, simultaneously, lift your legs to a vertical position, keeping your legs straight. (Inhale while you lift your legs up, exhale while you lower them). Repeat 21 times.


The Third Rite

  1. Kneel on the floor with your body upright and with your hands on your thighs. Then, bring your chin to your chest.
  2. Arch your spine as you gently move your head backwards as far as it goes. Support yourself with the hands pressing against your thighs. (Inhale while you arch backwards, exhale while you come back to the starting position). Repeat 21 times.


 The Fourth Rite

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out, your feet apart, and your hands on the floor. Then, bring your chin to your chest.
  2. Move your head backwards as far as it goes, bend your knees and raise the trunk of your body to a horizontal position, keeping your arms straight and your arms and feet in place. Tense your muscles, and then relax. (Inhale while you raise your trunk, hold your breath while you tense the muscles, and exhale while you lower yourself down again). Repeat 21 times.


The Fifth Rite

  1. Support your body in a sagging position with your arms straight, hands on the floor and your toes curled under. Then, move your head as far backwards as it goes.
  2. Keep your hands and feet in place, bend your hips and lift your body into an inverted V position (or downward-facing-dog), bringing your chin forward to your chest. (Inhale while you raise your body and exhale while you lower it). Repeat 21 times.


Those of you practicing yoga might have noticed that the rites have similarities with some yoga asanas. Please remember to take it easy in the beginning and to consult a doctor or physical therapist in case you have doubts or feel pain.

I´ll leave you to the pursuit of eternal youth and health!

Wishing you a meaningful day ahead,


P.S. If you want to read more about The Five Rites I highly recommend you to read the books by Peter Kelder.

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