Check out this herbal ball (also called herbal bags or pindas) recipe with exfoliating and tonifying effects! You can read my previous post “Massage using Herbal balls instead of the hands” in our blog about the Herbal ball massage in which these bags are used.

Please note that before creating herbal balls it is crucial to be familiar with the composition, effects, indications and counter-indications of each element that is being employed. We also urge you not to create new recipes until you have aqcuired the sufficient knowledge to do so.



Large herbal ball/bag/pinda:

5 tablespoons of ground coffee

60g of coffee beans

4 tablespoons of cocoa

1 vanilla stick cut into pieces


Small herbal ball/bag/pinda:

2 tablespoons of ground coffee

20g of coffee beans

1 tablespoons of cocoa

½ vanilla stick cut into pieces


Suggestions for essential oils: Orange essential oil: 25 drops for every 50ml of carrier oil. Rejuvenates congested or flaccid skin and diminishes depression, anxiety and emotional stress.

Preparation: Mix the ground coffee with the coffee beans and cocoa. Grind the vanilla stick and mix it with it the rest. Put the mixture in the cloth and tie it together with the cord, forming a bag (you will need two small and one large bag). Then mix the carrier oil with the essence and heat it up in an incense burner or bowl, in which the bag will be subsequently dipped or soaked.


Effects: The combination of these aromatic, exotic and at the same time close elements makes this a simple treatment enriched with aromatherapeutic effects that acts on the limbic system and produces a sensation of relaxation and well-being. This treatment is higly antioxidant and detoxifying as well as attacks the free radicals, allows the skin to oxygenate through exfoliation and is rich in vitamins. It is warmly recommended for all skin types, although exposure to the sun just after the treatment must be avoided as the essential orange oil can be slightly phototoxic (sensitive skin might get irritated if exposed to sunlight immediately after the treatment).

We hope you enjoy trying out this recipe! Stay tuned for more to come…

Wishing you a meaningful day ahead,



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