The Massage Therapist´s Library Part II

The Massage Therapist´s Library Part II

So here we are, with the second part of our blog post series of book recommendations. In this series I recommend books that I have read or that colleagues and friends have recommended to me, books that make a difference either in our professional or personal life! So without further ado, let´s see the books we have for today…By clicking on the book title you can learn more about it.


Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

A BOOK FOR EVERYONE. This book tells the story of two orphan twin brothers who are bound together by a preternatural connection and a shared fascination with medicine. The twins grow up in an Ethiopia on the brink of revolution. Moving from Addis Ababa to New York City and back again, Cutting for Stone is an unforgettable story of love and betrayal, medicine and ordinary miracles–and two brothers whose fates are forever intertwined.



Therapeutic Exercise: Foundations and Techniques

A TECHNICAL BOOK. This book holds fantastic techniques for when you need to customize interventions for individuals with movement dysfunction. It includes a good mix of theory and practice, from the principles of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise to up-to-date exercise guidelines.




The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day

SELF-DEVELOPMENT BOOK. Using the science of positive psychology to improve happiness, The Five Minute Journal focuses your attention on the good in your life. It improves your mental well-being and leaves you feeling better each day. The idea is to write in the journal, morning and evening, for just 5 minutes a day, so even the busiest person does not have an excuse for not finding the time. My wife uses this religiously and I have to say that it really has made a difference in the sense that she appreciates the little things in life more than before!


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and if you actually end up reading any of these books I would love to hear your thoughts! Please also feel free to recommend a book in the comments section below, maybe something that puts a smile on our face, or motivates us, on a cold winter day…

Happy reading, warm wishes,

César Tejedor


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