Yes, you read correctly; there are exciting techniques that use herbal balls (also called herbal bags or pindas) for giving massage! The Herbal ball massage originates in India but has spread to all parts of the world. The massage receiver enjoys the beneficial properties of herbs, plants and fruits while relaxing into the massage. Do not miss our next post where I´ll share recipes!

ORIGIN OF THE HERBAL BALL MASSAGEHerbal-balls-massage-course

The human being has used herbs and plants from the beginning of time to heal wounds, cure diseases and stay healthy. Even modern medicine is largely influenced by the herbalist tradition, as many of today´s drugs derive from herbs, tubers, etc. Traditional medicines such as Ayurveda from India or Thai medicine continue to use herbal therapy for their treatments, and they have done so almost without alterations for centuries. These treatment methods are gaining popularity even in other parts of the world dominated by conventional medicine, where they often are referred to as alternative or complementary treatments. The Herbal ball massage makes use of the multiple properties of herbs, plants and fruits that get massaged into the receiver´s skin.


This technique is unique in the sense that it stimulates multiple aspects of the human body and mind as it uses herbal balls to apply the massage strokes. The massage can be applied with different purposes such as: relaxing, stimulating, exfoliating, slimming, detoxification, esthetic treatments, etc. The desired effect is directly related to the composition of the bag; its ingredients, properties, temperature, aroma, etc. The Herbal ball massage is often preceded by a conventional oil massage in order to hydrate and prepare the skin of the receiver, but it can also be applied individually. Even if the massage strokes are fairly basic, this technique requires quite a lot of practice as the use of the herbal bags considerably diminishes the sensitivity of the therapist.


The average duration of a Herbal ball massage session is thirty to fifty minutes, but it varies depending on the rhythm, repetitions of the massage strokes as well as the number of therapists performing it (one or two). Before applying the treatment it is recommended to find out what type of bodily constitution the receiver has (vata, pitta or kapha according to the Ayurvedic tradition – read more about it in our previous post ” Human health according to Ayurveda”), as this will help the therapist to determine which oils, essences, pressure, number of repetitions and temperature to apply during the session. However, the Herbal ball massage can also be applied sporadically and one-time when it is carried out exclusively for relaxing or esthetic purposes. In this case the general standards can be used: lukewarm oil, medium pressure and three to five repetitions of each stroke.

We hope you enjoyed this post and that you at least now have some idea of what the herbal ball massage is! Want to see an example of a recipe? Check it out in our next post!

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