Tips for a stress-free Christmas


Tips for a stress-free Christmas

Yes, we have all been there: running around like crazy trying to find last-minute christmas presents when there are only odd sizes left; trying to make sense of grandmum´s turkey recipe from the 1940´s; trying to get things done at work before the holidays; doing a poor job mentalizing ourselves for the massive family reunion and all what it entails…But don´t worry, that´s exactly why we have some simple tips for you that will help you get through this wonderful yet somewhat stressful time of year!


Plan ahead

This is crucial and will spare you a lot of stressful moments. Even if it´s only two weeks in advance, but do plan ahead…Start right now, take a pen and a paper, or your phone, and jot down everything that needs to be done before the big day. Hints: write those Christmas cards NOW, Christmas presents, grocery shopping, find those old recipes (and remember that youtube can be of great help!), locate your Christmas CDs to get you in the mood, etc.


Be the best giver

Christmas is about giving and being grateful, so why not work on being the best giver!? It´s quite simple: when you are going to buy or make someone a present, always put yourself in the receivers shoes and really think about what he or she would appreciate. This might sound obvious, but how many times have we received the CD from our sister´s favorite group, or the newest fishing equipment when we are afraid of the sea, etc…Made my point? Good! So think about the other person and get something that you know they would really appreciate (even if you can´t possibly understand why…).



At some point, you might start feeling that stress creeping onto you. That’s normal and nothing to worry about, and what you need to do at that moment is to MINIMIZE. What I mean with this is putting things into perspective…I mean come on, it´s not that big of a deal if the turkey does not turn out perfect, nor does it matter if that red dress does not fit on you this year…Often being in the now and putting things into perspective helps a lot, because in the end what really matters is that you are lucky enough to spend this beautiful tradition with your loved ones and enjoy the magical atmosphere of thankfulness, kindness and joy.



Many times simply focusing on our breathing is an incredibly useful resource when we feel overwhelmed and stressed out. I use it constantly and achieve great results. Simply go to a quiet place, sit or lie down in a comfortable position, and focus on your breathing. By focusing on our breath, the rhythm of our life, we are fully in the present moment and everything else just goes away. Just a few minutes will do it, trust me!



And last but not least: ENJOY! Just have fun, keep a positive attitude and have yourself a Merry Merry Christmas!


I hope you found these tips useful and that you will enjoy these beautiful holidays!

With warm wishes,

Camilla Ilves

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