Did you know that etymologically, the word shampoo derives from “champi”, as it is applied similarly to the massage technique? This massage tecnique is widely used nowadays in different contexts and produces a wonderfully relaxing sensation, so it´s definitely worth trying out!


The Indian Head massage,  called  Shiro Abhyanga massage or Champi, is one of the many treatments deriving from Ayurveda. Shiro means head and Abhyanga means massage.  Champi stands for “rubbing”, “pressure”, “friction”, and is the most common name for Indian head massage. This type of massage was first developed by the women in India, and it became a part of their daily beauty routines, with the purpose to maintain their hair healthy and shiny. However, it didn´t take long before this massage technique became common beyond the Indian borders, and now it is very normal to see it in the menu treatments of the best Spa and Massage Centers worldwide.


When the body is under stress this usually comes through as clenching the jaw, rising the shoulders, breathing superficially, all this leading to a loss of the body´s natural posture, tense muscles and a loss of joint mobility. The Champi massage balances the body, mind and spirit as it relaxes the muscles, realigns the joints and enhances their mobility, improves the circulation of blood and energy throughout the body, eliminates toxins; not only treating us on the inside but also providing us outer beauty.

The Champi massage is recommended for healthy individuals that wish to maintain their good health through balancing, preventive, relaxing or beauty treatments as well as for individuals suffering from imbalances in which massage is not counter-indicated.

Even if the Champi massage looks simple and easy to practice, it is important to take a few Ayurvedic concepts into consideration such as the five elements, the doshas, the dinacharya, the prana, the marma points, the chakras or nadis; otherwise the practice of this massage will produce a pleasant feeling, but not the real effects of the Ayurveda. Eventhough this is a head and shoulder massage, its effects go much deeper, affecting the entire body and the functioning of the internal organs.

APPLICATION OF THE CHAMPI MASSAGEAyurvedic-Indian-head-massage-champi-face-sequence

The Massage is performed in three steps:

  • The first Step is applied on the back in 11 sequences
  • The second Step is applied on the head in 11 sequences
  • And the last and third Step is applied on the face in 15 sequences


This article is just a short resume of this marvelous massage technique that requires a lot of study and practice before starting the hands-on application in a professional manner.

I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for out next one on the Five Tibetan Rites!

Wishing you a meaningful day ahead,


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