VibraHealing kick off at WSWC 2014 in Bangkok


VibraHealing kick off at WSWC 2014 in Bangkok

VibraHealing is a unique vibrational treatment concept that combines Singing bowls, therapeutic music, guided meditation and light chromotherapy all in one session to relax and restore the body, mind and energy being. VibraHealing leaves you feeling relaxed, clear-minded, balanced and filled with positive energy.

VibraHealing presentation at World Spa & Well-being Convention

Massage Around the World presented its innovative Sound and Vibrational therapy VibraHealing for the first time ever World-spa-well-being-convention-2014 in the WSWC 2014 last weekend in the IMPACT center in Bangkok. Our CEO César Tejedor´s speech and practical demonstration of VibraHealing during the convention triggered a lot of interest amongst the delegates as well as the media.

Restoring the body, mind and energy

VibraHealing works in a holistic manner on our physical body, energy being and mind following the belief that you need to address all the levels of a human being in order to achieve successful and sustainable results. Its creator, César Tejedor, has been studying, practicing, training and writing about Sound healing as well as many traditional medicines and healing systems for over a decade, and VibraHealing is a mix of the best of each of the healing methods that he has encountered along his path. Even if he also promotes and trains in many other healing techniques, for César there is nothing more powerful than the vibrations!


VibraHealing session

During a VibraHealing session Singing bowls are used for introducing the powerful vibration of sound into the body and energy system; the background music induces the client into a meditative state by stimulating the brainwaves; the guided meditation empowers the client to perform self-healing through the power of the mind; and the vibration of the colors support the sound vibrations in transforming the body, energy and mind. VibraHealing is a powerful holistic experience that can be applied for different purposes and in different settings, and is very apt for the Spa and Wellness segment as a new concept based on natural and traditional elements.

VibraHealing treatments include: De-stress, Chakra Healing, Sound&Massage, Sweet Dreams, etc. We are as we speak developing new treatments in order to satisfy a big variety of tastes and needs! We are also open for creating tailored treatments for those that require signature treatments in their Spas and Wellness clubs.

If you want to know more about VibraHealing or Sound therapy in general you can reach us at:

Best wishes from Bangkok,



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