Shree Krishna Shati is a collaborator and teacher of Massage Around the World.

His Tibetan grandfather,Tashi Lama, came from a traditional Shaman family who used drums and singing bowls for healing purposes since ancient times. Mr. Shree Krishna learned all the traditional secrets of sound healing from his late grandfather, and in his own singing bowl therapy and teachings he combines ancient Shamanic practices with modern elements such as the use of musical notes and their relation with the chakras. During the last 30 years Mr. Shree Krishna has travelled worldwide giving teachings and singing bowl concerts. Many of the famous sound healers of our times were his students in the past. Today, even when he has travelled all around the globe and is one of the most recognized singing bowl practitioners, he still shares his valuable knowledge with the same enthusiasm and humbleness as the first day.

Contact Shree Krishna for courses, workshops and concerts at:

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