We wish you happy Diwali with Ayurveda health tips!

This week the Hindus celebrate the Diwali, also know as the “festival of lights”. Let´s take a look at what this Hindu New Year celebration has in common with Ayurveda, and how you can improve your own life by following a few simple tips!


“Ayurveda Is The Key To Longevity” – Dr. Siddhartha

We interviewed Ayurvedic Doctor, Lifestyle Consultant and Spa Manager Siddhartha Deshpande in Goa, India, last year. Read about his thoughts on the Ayuvedic lifestyle and medicine, and put his tips into practice to increase your well-being!


Rani Gupta “Ayurveda Helps Us To Heal Naturally”

We had the pleasure to interview Ayurvedic Doctor Rani Gupta in India. She talked to us about the Ayurveda and explained how it differs from modern medicine, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and she even gave some self-care tips for massage therapists!


What, When And How To Eat To Prevent Obesity

Obesity is a huge problem in today´s world. We know overweight can be prevented, but how? Check out 10 tips from acclaimed Tibetan Doctor Phuntsog Wangmo on how to stay healthy and avoid gaining weight!


The Optimal Diet

A major factor for our well-being is our metabolism that is directly affected by our diet. So, in order to be happy, we need to take care of what and how we eat! Check out Tibetan Dr. Namgyal Qusars optimal diet, change your habits and feel great!


Dr. Pema Dorjee “Compassion and love are intrinsic in Tibetan Medicine”

We talked with the world famous Tibetan Doctor Pema Dorjee in Dharamsala (“Little Tibet”), India, last July about Tibetan Medicine. Here we share some of his answers from the interview. Read about if only Buddhists can practice Tibetan Medicine, etc…


A splendid heritage in Traditional Thai Medicine

Massage Around the World was invited to a traditional Thai ceremony at the prestigious Mahidol University in Bangkok, in which the students celebrate their teachers. “In Thai society, those who are grateful to others who have benefitted them are considered to have good hearts and are usually praised….”


In Ayurveda we are made of The Five Elements

The ancient Indian lifescience Ayurveda takes into account the greatest elements in the universe when describing us human beings. Something we can feel quite flattered about! According to Ayurveda the human being and the universe are made of the same elements and are closely interconnected.


Learning Tibetan medicine closely from the distance

To study something so complex as Tibetan medicine makes me feel excited, but it is also a challenge, not only because of the complexity and amount of the subjects to study, but also because our cultures are so different and there are much more than purely medical theories to learn such as cultural, environmental and natural aspects.

Authentic Ayurveda with a Five Star Service!

When a Westerner travels to India looking for an Ayurveda treatment center, what is he/she looking for? Is a small room inside of a Doctors consultation more authentic and better than a brand new luxurious Ayurveda center or Spa? Read about my perceptions during my travels in India and my tips on how to offer that WOW! experience to your clients!

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Find out how you can offer the Indian head massage as a complementary treatment in your beauty treatments! This is a great way to increase both client satisfaction as well as your own profits!
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