Advantages of an online massage course

From a conventional point of view, an online massage course might sound strange. However, in recent years they are becoming more and more popular among massage therapists and bodyworkers as well as amateurs because of the advantages they offer compared to on-site classes.


Benefits of an online massage course

Studying an online massage course has several virtues compared to an on-site course, some more obvious than others. When we refer to online courses in this post, our focus is on basic courses that teach the theory and practice of a certain massage technique through different didactic formats such as text, illustrations, pictures, interviews, step-by-step videos, etc. An online massage course provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Study a massage course comfortably from wherever; your home, your treatment center or while you are on your way to your next client appointment.
  • Eliminate the costs and time of traveling to the teaching venue.
  • Do the online massage course at a time that suits you best and does not interfere with your family life, as you can study after you put the kids to sleep, or early in the morning before going to work.
  • Learn the basics of a massage technique before starting a more comprehensive study program on the same.
  • Study the massage in your own rhythm and according to your own level
  • Allows you to repeat the massage sequence videos as many times as you want and study the theory part over and over again if needed.
  • Learn from multiple sources and formats. An online massage course can incorporate different didactic elements such as recorded master´s classes of authentic masters and teachers from around the world, video interviews of renown practitioners of a certain massage technique, etc. In an on-site course the source of learning can of course be of great quality, but is often less varied.
  • Rely on your tutor for the entire duration of the massage course (about 45 days). This gives you the chance to have continued support during a longer period of time from an expert on the subject.

In a nutshell learning through an online massage course is efficient, varied, fun and flexible! That said, we at Massage Around the World do not believe that an online massage course will give you the capability to practice massage in a professional manner if you do not have any prior education in the world of massage, as you will need supervision in your hands-on practice.


Continued education and dedication for massage professionals

If you are a certified massage therapist with vast experience in your profession, then we do believe that you can learn and practice a massage technique that you learned online. Obviously we recommend you to receive a massage session of the technique that you are studying online, in order to get a feeling of how the pressure and massage strokes ought to be performed. Also we advice you to have a teacher supervising you during your massage practice in the beginning in order to make sure that you are performing it in a correct manner.

In any case the practice of massage, regardless of the technique, needs a continued education, practice and exploration during your entire professional life. Thus, a weeks or a months course, be it on-site or online, will not give you the sufficient tools for mastering a technique to perfection. A massage therapist needs a lifetime of learning, practice and dedication, and regardless of the means (online course, on-site course, books, conferences, workshops, etc…), he or she will grow professionally as well as personally throughout this continuous learning process. We know that the use of new technologies and learning formats generate discussions and controversy amongst professionals. We at Massage Around the World recommend you to be open for different learning methods as the sum of all of them will enrich you in your professional development. The key is not the format, but rather the quality of the teachings.

Wishing you a meaningful day ahead,

Massage Around the World

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