László Puczkó:

László is an experience engineer, strategist, mentor and trainer, and wellbeing intelligence expert with more than 25 years of experience in the field of travel, hospitality, leisure and health.
He is an economist and art & design manager, and holds master degrees, a PhD, and is a Certified Management Consultant.
He has been actively involved both in industry as well as academic arenas and authored numerous industry reports, specialist books and publications.

Thorsten Lipfert:

He is an experience consultant, developer, trainer and director, with more than 25 years of experience in the Hospitality and Wellness Industry.
He started as a Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer, but soon opened his own Health and Wellness Centers, and from there, he has work creating concepts, trainings, and developing new wellness medical resorts all around the world. Working from Hands-on, to global management, concept design, training and developing, gave him a perfect understanding of the industry at all levels.

Alejandro Ortiz:

Spa & Hospitality Management, Vegan Nutritionist & Training for Body Building & Fitness, Expert in Curanderismo and Shamanism, Tantra Expert in Masculinity, Meditation Teacher, Group Wellness & Spa Director, Consultant and Developer for some of the leading brands in the world. Wellness advocate and a disruptor who wants to redefine the future of Hospitality through Wellness.