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General info.

COURSE: Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage 6h  (+ extra 10h of additional resources)

MODALITY: Online Course / Home study (self-paced learning, enroll whenever you want!)


CERTIFICATION: Certificate of Achievement

AFTER COURSE COMPLETION: The student will be able to download course hand-outs of the theory as well as the massage technique (step-by-step illustrations and explanations)

The Indian Head Massage (Champi) formed a part of women´s daily beauty routines in India, before it became common as a massage treatment. The massage balances the body, mind and spirit as it relaxes the muscles, realigns the joints, improves blood and energy flow throughout the body and eliminates toxins. This course provides you with the skills to perform the Indian Head Massage and understand the Ayurvedic concepts related to its practice. The great thing with this massage is that it can be done anywhere as it doesn´t require any special equipment!


THEORY: Before starting the hands-on practice of the massage, it is important that you are familiar with the background of the ancient Ayurveda medicine, as well as comprehend its particular perspective on the human body and mind; the concept of five elements or mahabhutas; the concept of doshas or constitutions and their caracteristics; the prakriti or identification of the doshas; the dinacharya or lifestyles factors; and the different Ayurvedic treatment methods. Therefore, the first part of the course covers the theoretic aspects that  give you a rich foundation for practicing the Ayurvedic Indian head massage.

PRACTICE: In the second part of the course you get to practice the massage technique. In this section you will find several videos showing the practice of the Indian Head massage, step-by-step. Every step includes an explicatory text (describing the massage technique, the application manner, the benefits and effects, etc.), an illustration with the direction of the massage stroke, and a videoclip where you can see exactly how the stroke is performed.

VIDEO LECTURES  & INTERVIEWS: In addition this course is full of videos with interviews, master´s classes given by famous teachers, pictures, illustrations and all the material necessary to facilitating the understanding of the Ayurvedic Indian head massage as well as the Ayurvedic Medicine.


  1. Understand the origins and philosophy of the ancient Ayurvedic Medicine.
  2. Understand the five great elements as well as the bodily constitutions.
  3. Perceive the human being from a holistic point of view (body, mind and energy) and to understand not only the human anatomy, but also its energy system.
  4. Describe the effects, indications and counter-indications of the Indian head massage.
  5. Perform the complete Ayurvedic Indian head massage following the exact same steps as the ancient Ayurvedic doctors centuries back.

Please remember, before practicing any new modalities or techniques check with your state’s massage therapy regulatory authority, to ensure that these are within the state’s defined scope of practice for massage therapy.


  1. Introduction
  2. The History of Ayurveda
    • Origin
    • Influences
    • Evolution
  3. The foundations of Ayurveda
    • The energy theories (the five great elemements or mahabutas, the doshas and their features,self-analysis and classification,the instability of the doshas)
    • Daily routines and diet (dinacharya, general recommendations)
    • The Ayurvedic Indian head massage or Champi (relation between the doshas and the Indian head massage, prana, marma points, chakras and nadis)
  4. General considerations
    • Posture of the therapist
    • Massage strokes
    • Duration of the massage session
    • Benefits of the massage
  5. Before starting
    • The condition of the therapist
    • Physical preparation (yoga exercises)
    • Spiritual preparation (meditation: exercises and effects)
    • Preparation of the treatment room
    • First contact with the massage recipient
  6. Indian head massage Step 1: back
  7. Indian head massage Step 2: Head
  8. Indian head massage Step 3: Face
  9. Complete Indian head massage
  10. Certificate and farewell


“I took the Ayurvedic Indian Head massage course to enhance my skills while working the both special needs and geriatric populations. This course gave me the exact skills I need to bring a better healing experience to the most fragile of my clients. I look froward to taking more classes from Massage Around the World, the lessons are as good as you get in a classroom and the price is better than any other. ” – Kelly Jacobus, LMT, CKTP

“I was really amazed at the amount of information this course offered and it is extremely detailed. I am hoping to start my own business from home and this course gives all the information anyone would need. Camilla has been so accessible and helpful with any questions I have had. I would definitely recommend anyone to take a course with Massage Around The World.” – Teresa from Winnipeg, MB.

“Great course! A perfect way to add something great to your practice and business. Highly recommend this course.” – Shannon Olson, Natural Health Consultant.

“What an amazing course so very well put together and step by step instructions. By the end of the class you will be a pro”. – Aaron Reed, LMT, USA.

“I have really enjoyed both courses (Tibetan singing bowl massage and Indian head massage) I recently finished with Massage Around the World. I found them to be very well organized and professional. The material was clear and I felt they were well worth it! I will be looking forward to taking more courses with them in the future and highly recommend. Any seasoned therapist will find good content here and will recognize ethical procedures as well as terminology. Also, a great way for beginners to get professional and accurate information as well! Also, if you need assistance, you will receive it, and it will be friendly and positive! Thank you” – Shawna Timmerman, LMT.

“A wonderful addition to my facials. My clients want more massage and this is a perfect fit!” – Meredith, Esthetician.

“Watching the techniques demonstrated in this course not only made me want to add them to my practice, but also made me want to run out and get this kind of work done on me! Lovely.” – Adrienne Perl, Massage Therapist.

“I truly enjoyed the Champi Massage Online Course because it gave me also a thorough and comprehensive background on Ayurvedic philosophy, lifestyle and medicine, without which, this massage technique couldn’t be properly understood, applied and mastered. The Indian Head Massage technique has been presented as a component of a recommended healthy lifestyle, as a means of prevention and/or cure or simply for relaxation. The comprehensive material was presented in a clear and very interesting way, leaving no room for misinterpretations. I enjoyed very much listening to the soothing voice of the narrator accompanied by the relaxing and invigorating background music. Now I can appreciate how powerful this, apparently simple, massage technique can be, if used correctly by respecting also the Ayurvedic principle of constitution referred to the receiver of the treatment. I am looking forward to include this technique into my health & well-being programs.” – Patrizia Brunelli, COMPLEMENTARY AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE PRACTITIONER, HEALTH & WELLNESS COACH.

“The course was very detailed, extremely well laid out. It made it easy to learn and practice.” – Michelle Hache.


The developer and supervisor of this course, César Tejedor,  is author of 19 Spa & Massage books, an acclaimed teacher and trainer in massage and alternative therapies, Massage Around the World CEO.

The course includes interviews of the following Ayurvedic professionals:

  • Siddhartha Deshpande: Ayurvedic Doctor, Lifestyle Consultant, and Spa Manager. He has successfully treated more than 22000 patients suffering from various diseases with the help of Ayurveda. Conducts workshops and seminars all around the world.
  • Tarun Gupta: Ayurvedic Doctor, he follows the traditional teachings, but sometimes combines them with a more modern approach. He has cured thousands of patients and shared his knowledge with students around the world.
  • Rani Gupta: Ayurvedic Doctor specialized in gynaecological disorders and fertility, as well as nutrition and lifestyle. She is an acclaimed teacher in Ayurvedic therapies and promoter of the Ayurvedic science of life.
  • Sapna: Ayurvedic Doctor and renown teacher in Ayurvedic medicine, Panchakarma and massage therapies to students all over the world.
  • Amrita Sharma: Ayurvedic Doctor, specialized in herbal pharmacology, yoga and naturopathy. She conducts lectures all around India as well as promotes the Ayurvedic and Yogic lifestyle through her articles and academic papers.
  • Santhosh: Ayurvedic Doctor and expert on Yoga, has worked around India as well as abroad in improving the lives of thousands of people through the Ayurvedic herbal medicines and lifestyle advice.