Diagnostic methods for Singing bowls massage

Sound and vibrations can be used for various treatments for maintaining and improving health and well-being. The Tibetan Singing bowls are a great example of how you can stimulate the body´s energy centers and channels through sound massage. Check out the different techniques to diagnose your client´s state of health using these healing bowls!


There is data showing that since ancient times sound has been used, either through voice (harmonic chants, mantras) or musical instruments (drums, flutes, didgeridoos) in rituals as a way to promote health and spiritual peace, or as a preventive treatment to avoid disease, evil spirits, etc.

However, there are no manuscripts or ancient treatises on knowledge about it, as it has developed orally throughout generations, from healing with singing bowls in Tibet and India to the therapeutic use of the Australian aboriginal didgeridoo, harp in Egypt or the Pythagorean monochord in ancient Greece.

In most cases, the spiritual leaders were the only ones with the knowledge of these practices and the ability to apply them, because they believed that they had a divine origin.

Today, many practitioners use the qualities of the sound and vibrations with healing purposes. Nowadays there are many physicians working in the development of these techniques. However, we all should try to join our strengths, and share our experiences, in order to develop these methods further.



Here I would like to share some diagnostic methods used in the Singing Bowls practice. The first ones are based on Traditional Tibetan Medicine and the second ones are more subtle methods that some professionals also use in their daily practice.

There are three main diagnostic methods based on Tibetan medicine…

  • Visual diagnosis: by observing tongue, urine, skin and the appearance of the client.
  • Diagnosis through palpation: temperature, roughness, texture, pulse, etc.
  • Diagnosis through questioning: a medical questionnaire about routines, habits, medical conditions, diet, etc.

…and another three methods, much more subtle, which are also used by practitioners of the Singing bowl treatments

  • Intuition (sixth sense): through the years and logical thinking the humans have atrophied this quality, so to make use of it one must exercise it.
  • Sound and Vibration: bowls tell us about the state of the individual. Through reflection and refraction of the sound on an energetic center, the practitioner can spot imbalances.
  • Emission of energy (heat) through the bowl: by introducing the hand into the bowl you can feel the energy output of each power core.

Do you use any other methods in your own practice?  Let´s share our experiences and help this technique to develop!

Wishing you a meaningful day ahead,

César Tejedor

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