Energy Boosters For A Post-Vacational Mood

Feeling like you need a second vacation after your recent vacation? Many of us have a great time during our summer holidays, but more often than not we feel exhausted afterwards, because even if we were supposed to relax, we could not resist the temptation to go on every sightseeing tour offered, and stay up late enjoying that evening sea breeze…The result? We feel exhausted and do not know where we are going to find the energy to get back to work and our daily routine. Here we share some amazing energy boosters so that you can start the autumn with a smile on your face!

Top Energy Boosters:

ENJOY A NUTRITIOUS BREAKFAST. According to studies people who eat breakfast regularly feel more energized throughout the day and are in a better mood. So enjoy a nutritious breakfast each morning and you´ll see that it helps you to start your day filled with energy. Taking a daily multivitamin at breakfast does not hurt either!

DRINK COLD WATER. As I´m sure many of us know, fatigue is a symptom of dehydration, so remember to drink water throughout the day. Drinking it cold will have that extra wake-up effect!

EAT EVERY FOUR HOURS. Try to eat something every four hours. Apart from meals, a good snack can be a yogurt, a piece of fruit, some almonds or nuts. The idea is to refuel your body often, keeping your blood sugar balanced and energy constant.

TAKE A WALK. Spending time outdoors, breathing in fresh air, and being in movement, is a great energy booster! Even if you only have time for a 15min walk thats fine, the important thing is to walk on a daily basis. Personally I like to spend half my walk thinking about everything I am grateful for in my life, and the other half thinking positive thoughts about the near future. This creates a positive vibe and gets me in a great mood.

PRACTICE THE ENERGIZING BREATH (Kapalbhati Pranayama). Sit in a comfortable position, legs crossed if you can, back straight, and hands resting on your knees. Close your eyes and relax your body, taking a few deep breaths. Then begin the Kapalbhati breath: exhale strongly and rapidly through both nostrils while contracting your abdominal muscles, then inhale passively without any effort simply letting the abdomen relax. Complete 10 rapid breaths and then rest, breathing in and out normally. You can practice up to five rounds. The Kapalbhati breath is a energy booster of the mind, it also removes sleepiness, strengthens and balances the nervous system, tones the digestive organs, and purifies the lungs.

MAKE A LIST OF WHAT YOU LOOK FORWARD TO. Write down the things you are looking forward to the same week. This will get you thinking positive thoughts, increasing positive energy, and takes your mind off things that might cause you stress or anxiety.

I hope you liked our tips on how to boost your energy and that you now are able to feel excited about the start of September, and all the great things it has in store for you! If you have any own tips you would like to share please do so in the comments below, we always love to hear from our readers!

Wishing you a meaningful day ahead,

César Tejedor


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