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Watch our video tutorial on how to register in a course here:

How do I purchase a course?

Go to our course catalog → click on the course that you are interested in → click on Login to enroll → Register here,  and create your user account → click continue and then on the Enroll Now button. You will then be taken to the purchase page. Insert your coupon code to redeem your discount if you have one, otherwise just click Buy Now. Please note that you can use your computer and iPad to make a purchase, but not your mobile phone. If you need any further support please email us at: info@massagearoundtheworld.com


I clicked on Buy Now but the payment window does not open

Most probably your internet browser (explorer, safari, firefox, etc.) blocks the pop-up windows. To disable the pop-up blocker go to your browser → click on preferences → click on content → uncheck the “block pop-up windows” box. This should do the trick! If not, please contact us.

Instructions on how to disable pop-up blockers for different internet browsers:

In Chrome…

1) Click the menu button in the top right corner of the window (three dots aligned vertically) and click “Settings.”
2) Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and click “Advanced.”
3) Click “Content Settings.”
4) Click “Popups.”
5) Click the switch to turn off the pop-up blocker and allow pop-ups.

In Firefox…

1) Click the menu button in the top right corner of the window and click “Options.”
2) Click the Content tab.
3) Un-check the box under “Pop-ups” that says “Block pop-up windows” to disable the pop-up blocker and allow pop-ups.

In Internet Explorer…

1) Click the tools cog in the top right corner of the window and click “Internet Options.”
2) Click the Privacy tab.
3) Un-check the box under Pop-up Blocker that says “Turn on Pop-up Blocker” to turn off the pop-up blocker and allow pop-ups.


I just bought a course, now what?

When you buy a course from us, you will receive a confirmation email (within a few minutes) in which you will see detailed instructions on how to access and start with your course. If you do not receive an email within 1h from the time you made your purchase, please contact us.



Do I earn some credits for your courses?

Yes, you earn Continuing Education credits approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (and in most cases also the NY state, depending on the course) in the United States. Please keep in mind that the CE credits are accepted nationally almost everywhere, but all states have different regulations regarding massage therapy, so if you need CE credits for renewing your license make sure that your state accepts home study hours approved by the NCBTMB and NY state.

If you practice massage in the UK, Australia, Canada, or any other country where continuing education is required for licensed massage therapists, and you need continuing professional development or continuing professional education hours, we recommend you to consult with your massage therapy association about the requirements for acquiring CE, CPD or CPE hours.



I can not view the videos.

Please check that you have installed Adobe Flash Player to your computer. If you have it installed but you still can not view the videos you might need to enable Flash Player for your internet browser (safari/google chrome/firefox, whichever you are using). You can find instructions on how to do this by searching in google “how to enable Flash Player for “your internet browser name”. For example in our recommended browser Google Chrome: click “Settings,” then click “Advanced” at the bottom, click “Content Settings,” then click “Flash Settings,” and set the “Allow sites to run flash” to ON, and the “Ask first” option to OFF.


I can not hear the text narration / videos in the course properly.

Please use headphones for optimal audio quality. We also recommend you to check that the volume settings on your computer as well as on the lesson screen are optimal.


I closed my internet browser tab while doing a lesson and the course data was not saved and I had to redo the lesson.

Please keep in mind that you always need to keep your browser (internet explorer, google chrome, etc.) tab open even if you are doing the course in a separate window. When you have finished a course lesson, close the course window but return to the browser tab to the lesson overview page. This way the course data will be saved and you will be able to continue to the next lesson.


I closed the course window / my internet connection crashed without logging out and now I can´t log in.

Please keep in mind that our course settings only allow a single login. This means that if you do not log out, the system thinks that you are still logged in and will not let you log in again. So please remember to always log out from each session. If you are unable to log in, first try to reload the webpage. If you still can not log in, please contact us.


When I leave the course window open for a while and come back, nothing happens when I click Go.

This is probably because you have been inactive the last 20 minutes and the system has logged you out. Simply go to the home page and log in again.


I took the lesson test twice, both times I passed, but the system keeps showing my first attempt

This is because once you meet the minimum completion requirements for a lesson, the lesson status changes to “passed” and the launch button for the lesson changes from green to blue indicating that the lesson is now in “Review” mode. That lesson can then only be launched in “Review” mode where no data is tracked/recorded, therefore a new score cannot be recorded.


I can not download or save my certificate.

Yes unfortunately our system only allows you to print out your certificate.


I am a NY state licensed massage therapist, how do I receive my certificate?

Please send us your NY license number so that we can notify the NCBTMB. They will then send you your certificate. (If you inserted your NY license number during the registration process you will not have to send it to us separately).


For any other questions please contact us at: info@massagearoundtheworld.com