Feel Valentines Day With All of Your Senses!

The time has come to be LOVE-CENTERED once again, as Valentines Day is just around the corner! Well, the ideal is of course to celebrate and demonstrate LOVE all year around, but often we find ourselves prioritizing other things in our lives… and so we feel grateful for this reminder for nurturing the LOVE we feel for all the special people in our lives. Here we give you some ideas for surprising your partner with a truly holistic experience…



Spark your LOVE through the 5 senses:

SIGHT: Anything that is beautiful to the eye, or meaningful to your partner, will make him/her feel the romance in the air. Light candles, keep the space clean, dress in something you know your partner loves to see you in,  if you are cooking dinner, think about using ingredients that visually suggest seduction, etc.

SOUND: Lower sounds and calm rhythms generally create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. But this is very individual…so choose the music according to your and your partners taste of music…It can be steamy jazz, deep soul, etc. Apart from the background music, use the opportunity to tell your partner everything that you like about him / her, or even read a poem out loud (if you feel comfortable…).

SMELL: Use scents to add up to the romantic-seductive atmosphere that you are creating. Lavender or vanilla are easy to come buy, and perfect for relaxation. Scents that trigger arousal for men are cinnamon, doughnut and orange, while women warm up to cucumber and black licorice. For both sexes lavender is great!

TASTE: Certain foods are considered seductive; because of their shape, appearance, and texture. For example, smooth, rich, creamy, exotic and spicy foods are thought to be sensual. Hot chilies, asparagus, avocados, bananas, oysters, chocolate, salmon, vanilla and watermelon are examples of sensual foods. So why not take these into account while preparing your romantic dinner?

TOUCH: Think about the texture of things: texture of the food (finger food might be a nice touch!), texture of your clothes, the feel of the sheets, etc. Of course the most powerful way to explore this sense is by touching each other during your romantic evening. Light massage strokes on the erogenous zones of the body can be higly pleasant and arousing; ears, scalp, neck, abdomen / navel, tailbone, feet and toes, etc. Apply light, featherlike strokes, without much pressure.

I wish you all a lovely week ahead, and a very special Valentines Day…

Warm wishes,

Camilla Ilves


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