César Tejedor:

  • Founder at Massage Around the World Spa & Wellness.
  • Wellness Consultant for Wellness Centers, Hospitals, Corporations and Governments.
  • Recognized Trainer in Spa, Wellness & Integrated Medicine (35 countries).
  • Wellness Coach for Private Individuals (Health & Wellbeing).
  • International Speaker, specialized in Wellness, Integrative Health and Spa.
  • Best Selling Author, 19 published Books. Online courses in Spa & Wellness, and tons of articles in magazines in Asia, Europe and America. 

With over two decades of expertise in health, hospitality, and wellness, César has dedicated his career to fostering a global appreciation for holistic health and integrative medicine. His diverse portfolio spans consultancy, education, health assessments and personal coaching touching lives across more than 50 nations, including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. César channels his passion into a variety of mediums—his published works, educational programs, seminars, advisory roles, articles, entrepreneurial ventures, and his own lifestyle and travel experiences—all with the goal of enhancing wellness consciousness.

A consummate professional, César holds credentials as an Integrative Physical Therapist and a Traditional Medicine Expert, alongside a Wellness Coaching certification from the Mayo Clinic and an Executive MBA. He is a prolific author with 19 books to his name, and an accomplished educator, having developed over 40 unique courses. His excellence in training was recognized when he was named the best trainer in Europe & UK in 2020, and he is celebrated as one of the top three therapists globally.

César’s influence extends through prestigious Spa & Wellness Brands worldwide, as well as renowned Hospitals and Wellness Clinics. His consultancy and training expertise are sought after by both private entities and governments, guiding them in the advancement of Wellness and Health Tourism sectors.

Driven by a mission to demystify the essence of well-being, César empowers individuals to integrate this understanding into their daily lives, thereby cultivating health, wellness, and joy.