Why all the fuzz about alternative medicine and massage?

Ever wondered why your mood, habits or the climate seem to have a particular effect on your body and mind? Ever felt that modern medicine maybe does not have all the answers? Ever felt curiosity towards alternative massage techniques that have cured for centuries? – I´m quite sure many of us do…

Search for alternative paradigms

We are born into this world within a particular framework; our family, school and community all shape our way of thinking and acting based on the existing paradigms. Now, what if we questioned the status quo, and wanted to expand our horizons, in search of something different that could enrich our way of perceiving the world and ourselves? Through this search for “something else”, many stumble across the ancient holistic medicines and massage techniques.

Holistic  medicine and prevention

Being a health freak, yoga practitioner and fan of other cultures and traditions I believe that, at least partly, traditional medicines from the East seduce us through their focus on prevention rather than cure; on preserving health rather than treating disease. As an example, the Ayurveda studies the individual in its full complexity and related to its surroundings, as well as stresses the balance between body, mind and spirit.

A notion that is present in many traditional medicines is that everything is connected; the body, mind and spirit are closely linked to the “external world” through the energy of the universe. I find this thought quite comforting, as this means that we are never really alone, but a part of an immense energy system that cares for us.

What are your experiences with traditional/alternative/holistic medicines and therapies? We would love to hear your thoughs, comments or doubts!

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