Are You A Good Spa Manager?

Are you doing a good job as a Spa Manager? Check out the 10 manuals your Spa should have to be successful…

Is your Spa still not working properly, even after having won several design awards, being stunningly beautiful and having a great Spa staff, first rate products and an extensive treatment menu?

What should we change? Is it the Spa staff? The products? The menu of treatments? The Spa Manager? How can we identify where the problem really lies?

I have some good news for you: maybe there is nothing wrong with your staff or menu, maybe it is “simply” an organizational issue.


 Does Your Spa Have What It Takes To Be A Top Spa?

Check if your Spa has all that it needs in order to run successfully, if you are being a good leader for your Spa staff, and if you possess all the tools necessary for developing a Top Spa.

Many Spa owners, managers and staff, do not know the importance or even the existence of the Spa manuals. If you are one of them, I encourage you to change your mindset, because they are a Must for the durability and success of your Spa.

If the hotels chains, cosmetic brands and Spa design companies use manuals to ensure that they run their business properly, why we should not?




The 10 Spa Manuals You Should Have

Check if you have everything you need and if it is accurately done:

  1. Check if your Spa has the Concept Statement Manual. If you have your own spirit and identity, and you want to share that feeling with your customers, then your staff should be the first ones who live according to your Spa believes. Believing in what you do and living under your Spa statement is an important part of your brand.
  2. Check if you have the Operational Protocol Manual. If so, is it up to date? Are your staff members following an old SOP just because it is what they learned when they started working for the Spa? Does it make sense today?
  3. Is the Spa Journey Manual of your Spa based on reality? Or maybe you do not even have it? if you do, be sure that it is updated and that it follows the brand standards and criteria.
  4. Do you have a Job Description Manual? Are the percentages up to date? Are recently employed staff members included in it? If you do not have it up to date, create it, and make a copy for everyone of your staff, and set up a meeting with each of them to discuss it. Make sure that everyone knows their duties, rights, etc.
  5. Do you have the Client Service Protocol Manual? And most importantly, does your staff follow it? If you want to make sure they do, hire a mystery client to evaluate the quality of service of your staff and make sure that everyone is familiar with and follow the manuals.
  6. Do you have a First Aid and Security Manual in your Spa? Be sure that everyone knows exactly what to do under any type of emergency. These types of situations are not very common and that is why your staff often forgets about it. Make sure to refresh the first aid and security procedures to your staff (both old and new employees) every year, according to your state regulations.
  7. Do you have the Hygiene Standards Manual? And most importantly, does your staff follow it? I have visited many 5 star Spas in which the cleanliness protocols did not meet the industry standards for such a high-end facility. Keep this in mind: would you eat from the floor in your Spa? If not, then it is not clean enough…
  8. Do you have the Treatment Protocol Manual of your Spa Menu? Or are your Spa guests still asking to be treated by a particular therapist? The Treatment Protocol will safeguard the quality of your treatments by all the therapist at the same level. Your therapists ought to know the procedures to perfection, at all levels.
  9. Do you have the Training Protocol Manual for your Spa Staff? Training, innovation and improvement is a must. Prepare it carefully.
  10. Mission and Vision. Do you know where your Spa is now, where you want it to be in the near future, and how you are going to get there? If you are the captain of the ship, make sure you know your current location, where you want to take your crew, and how you are going to achieve it; otherwise you will be spinning around, exhausting your staff, and making everyone loose their motivation and excitement.


You Have Them In Your Spa Or Not? Next Steps…

If you do not have any of these manuals, or they are covered with cobweb and dust from the origins of your Spa many years back, then, you have a problem. If your Spa staff knows about the existence of all these manuals, but they do not follow them by heart, also in this case, you have a problem.

If your Spa does not have any of these manuals and is still making good results, think about these 2 choices:

  1. Imagine how successful it could be if you had them.
  2. If you do not change something soon, unfortunately, it is very probable that your Spa will have problems very soon….

My recommendation is to take your time to work on them, ask for help if you need it, and remember; a successful Spa is not the one with best design and decoration, a successful Spa is the one that offers in a continuing and consistent manner, the best guest experience, the best quality of service, and the best Spa Menu.

I hope you got some useful ideas from my post!

Wishing you a successful day ahead,

César Tejedor

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12 thoughts on “Are You A Good Spa Manager?”

    1. Hi Liz! I´m happy that you found the article helpful! Are you working as a Spa Manager yourself? Do you have anything you would like to add to my article? Thanks and have a great day ahead! César T.

    1. Dear Lynn thank you for your kind comment! I will be posting more articles soon and hope to provide you with more useful information in the future as well. Kind regards, César

  1. Yes,This is the correct way,I can just add : You can have the best Spa and staff but as a Spa Manager for me the top question is is there any diference in the revenue before and after you started working in the Spa?
    Because the hearth of all is to make more money and sale :))))

    1. Hi Ivan, and thanks for your comment! yes of course the revenue aspect is an important measure of how the Spa is doing! but to get the revenues up, there are many things that you need to pay attention to… I would also say that customer/guest satisfaction is an important measure of the success of your Spa…don´t you think?

  2. – Increasing of the standart of service
    – Make nice and clean Spa Menu (not to waiste time of the visitors)
    -Increasde the quality of staff service
    – Sale,sale,sale

    But in the places I worked till now,the onewrs are too far to understand that :(((( even I did all this :(((

    1. Hi Ivan! Yes it can sure be difficult to get the owners support sometimes. Love it that you mention a nice and clean Spa Menu, because so many times I stumble upon menus that offer too many services, that are not complementing each other in any way, etc…You put a lot of emphasis on sale, do you have any good sales tips?

  3. Hi Cesar,

    – Very good Spa Receptionist – Friendly,Smiling,
    – Very good trained Therapists
    – Quality of the servise have to be top :)))
    I work a lot with the Therapist to make sure they become realy good,specialy with Massages because this is what 90 % of the guests are asking for.

  4. The result is 50 % increasing the revenue with the previous 2 hotels I worked,and now the place where I am 30 % upppp too 🙂

  5. I did not realize that first aid and security was so important when running a spa. I thought they only focused on relaxation. I think it is cool that people have to be trained in first aid to work there.

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