How Can I Learn The Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage?

What is singing bowl massage? Can anyone practice it? Where can I study it? Learn about the Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage and discover a new teaching methodology that allows you to learn several techniques at once anytime and anywhere.

What Is Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage?

The so called Tibetan singing bowls are wonderful instruments made of an alloy of metals that have been used for sound healing and sound therapy for centuries. They are believed to originate in India and its neighboring countries although the history does not provide a clear-cut answer to their origins. The special thing about these bowls is that they produce a rich variety of harmonics and vibrations that have the capacity to stimulate us on a physical (relaxes the muscles, increases bowel movement, etc.), energetic (increases our vital energy, harmonizes our personal resonance, etc.) and mental level ( induces us to a meditative state, opens emotional blocks, etc.).

The Tibetan singing bowls can be used for sound healing or therapy, in which the bowls are played using different techniques in order to achieve the desired results of the treatment. They can also be combined with massage, and in this case they are usually played in the beginning, end and/or in the middle of the session. Singing bowls with massage is a wonderful combination because it allows the therapist to work on the physical level with the massage, and to stimulate the energy level and mind through promoting the free flow of energy, harmonizing the client´s personal resonance and inducing him/her into a meditative state. It is truly a mind-blowing experience!


Who Can Practice It?

The great thing about this modality is that anyone can practice it! You don´t need to be a massage therapist nor a musician to work with the singing bowls. You do, however, need to learn the basics of sound and vibrations, about how they affect us and how you can use them through the singing bowls. You also need to learn the basics of anatomy as well as our energy system and how they can be stimulated, about different techniques of playing the singing bowls, etc. With this I don´t want to discourage anyone! I simply want to stress the importance of having a rich foundation to base your practice on.




Where Can I Study Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage?

There are schools and centers that offer courses in various singing bowl therapies but usually their approach differ a lot from each other. There are almost as many modalities of singing bowl treatments as there are practitioners! This is a good thing because it enriches our study and practice, however it can also be confusing especially for a beginner or even for an experienced therapist who wants to find a clear structure in his/her practice.

Our team, in collaboration with a group of experienced sound healers, have created an online course on Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage that aims to give a solid theoretical foundation of the modality through exploring the impact that sound and vibrations have on us and how we can use these to stimulate the human being on several levels, as well as an explanation of the energy theory of Tibetan Medicine. The course also demonstrates various techniques for playing/striking the singing bowls according to the outcome you are seeking. The practical part of the course demonstrates through step-by-step “work-along“ videos , illustrations and descriptions, 7 different Tibetan singing bowl massage sessions that you can use either in combination with a regular massage, Reiki, or any other therapy, or as a stand-alone treatment. We discuss the existence of a large variety of approaches but focus on a single one: the Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage that consists in playing the singing bowls according to specific patters either combined with massage or individually. The course differs from others in that it offers an extensive and well-structured theoretical foundation, video lectures and interviews of renown sound healers around the world, a highly practical demonstration of the sessions and an exhaustive listing of additional resources (documentaries, books, movies, etc.).

Click here to learn more about our course, see the course preview and read student testimonials.

I send you good vibrations,

César Tejedor


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