Incredible how an Ayurvedic doctor instantly spotted my week points!

Magic, science or thousands of years of knowledge? How could the doctor know so much about me after just a quick glance? I want to share with you all the experience of my first visit to an Ayurveda doctor in New Delhi, India!


After a long day of meetings and interviews in the hectic and frankly, quite chaotic, New Delhi, I arrived at the Kaya Kalp Ayurvedic Center located in a calm residential area of the city. The purpose of my visit was to have a general Ayurveda diagnosis.

Dr. Rani Gupta – a licensed professional in Ayurveda and the Center’s Co-founder along with her partner Dr. Tarun Gupta – received me with a smile and asked me to take a seat. She started by asking me if I had any specific health problems that I wanted to share with her, and when I said that I didn’t, she proceeded to take my pulse for quite a long time. She asked me about aspects related to my diet, exercise routine, anger and temper, but what really surprised me was that she always seemed to know the answer before I gave it. Many doubts I had related to my health were explained in a simple manner and I really felt that I was in good hands and that I was understood.




After only a minute or two, she identified my prakriti, meaning my basic constitution. In Ayurveda, identifying the constitution is the key criteria that defines the type of lifestyle and treatment that is recommended for you. When she said that even if I was born and raised in a cold country (Finland; can’t get much colder!), I would be better off living in a warmer climate according to my type of constitution, I smiled and said that I had always felt like cold wasn’t at all for me and that I had left my home country years back mainly because I didn’t stand the cold and the darkness. When I asked her, amazed, how she could know so much about me so fast, she just laughed and said that it probably was the experience.


I truly enjoyed my first diagnosis á la Ayurveda because of the time and effort the doctor put in understanding my overall life situation. It wasn’t just about where I had pain, but rather about how I felt in specific circumstances. It was about me, who I am and how I should live, rather than what pills I should take. I got some great recommendations regarding diet and lifestyle that I am already putting into practice with great results! For me this was a very positive experience, and I urge you all to at least go and try out an Ayurveda doctor.

If you want to read more about Ayurveda and its treatments stay tuned to our blog as we will be posting a lot of articles about this marvelous life science in the coming weeks! If you yourself have had an experience with Ayurveda doctors please share them with us in “comments”!

Wishing you a meaningful day ahead,
Camilla Ilves
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