Tashi Delek,(“Blessings and good luck”)

In this post we want to spread the awareness of the KuNye massage as we think it´s a fantastic technique apt for several purposes (relaxing, preventive, esthetic, etc…). This ancient massage has its roots in the Tibetan medicine and seeks to harmonize our mental and physical energy by stimulating the energy points in our body.


Tibetan medicine has a holistic perception of human health and takes into consideration aspects such as diet, lifestyle, mental stability, physical condition etc.,  and focuses on preventing rather than simply curing disease. Tibetans believe that when our physical and mental energy are in harmony, we are healthy on all levels. There are multiple ways to achieve an integration between body and mind according to Tibetan medicine. From the most basic techniques of relaxation and breathing, which are all about perceiving sensations that we normally do not pause to feel, to techniques of massage (KuNye massage amongst others), automassage, yoga, meditation, etc. The integration of body and mind releases us from muscular tensions, clears our heads, and leads us to harmony.


Essentially, the Tibetan KuNye massage connects the energy of the body, the mind, the senses and the heart, with the aim of creating harmony and balance. The most important aspect of the massage is the stimulation of the energy points (Zub-Tsog) of the body, as this way we can influence the energy on several levels. There are 72.000 energy channels (Tsa) distributing energy to the entire body and along them the points are located. The energy points can be stimulated with two different purposes:

  • Preventive purposes to avoid energy blocks and to stimulate the circulation fluency.
  • Curative purposes, where there is an energy block that is causing an imbalance and as a consequence a disease.

During the KuNye massage, the energy points are stimulated using finger pressure and hot pressure; using herbal bags/herbal balls also called Zathi-Dukpa.The Zathi-Dukpa are made of a mixture of nutmeg, caraway, and different essential oils, linked to traditional Tibetan medicine.This fusion of products is mixed and placed in a cotton cloth, making a bag that is closed by a cord to shape and seal it.



The KuNye massage can be carried out either by an individual therapist or by two therapists. Depending on the number of therapists applying it, the intention behind it as well as the individual conditions of the massage recipient, the duration of a session ranges from thirty to sixty minutes. The massage session consists of eight steps, each of them broken down into several sequences according to the position of the receiver (sitting, supine, lateral or prone) and the points that are being stimulated.

The KuNye massage is obviously much more than what can be transmitted in a short blog post…But we hope you got an idea of this massage technique that is still fairly unknown outside the Tibetan borders. It truly is a great healing method that can be used for all kinds of purposes!

Wishing you all a meaningful day ahead,

César Tejedor

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