How To Make A Zathi-Dukpa For Tibetan KuNye Massage

In the Tibetan KuNye Massage, that dervives from traditional Tibetan Medicine, we use herbal bags called Zathi-Dukpa to stimulate the energy points and channels of the human body. The properties of the herbs inside of the Zathi-Dukpa bags as well as of the oil the bags are soaked in, benefit the receiver of the massage on many levels.

We wanted to share you a video of how to make the Zathi-Dukpa herbal bags, so that you easily can make them at home. Please click below to watch the video “How To Make A Zathi-Dukpa”


If you are not familiar with this massage, or want to learn it in more detail, you can check out our CE home study course on Tibetan KuNye Massage by clicking here.

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    1. Hi Claudia! This is the traditional recipe for making Zathi-Dukpas from Tibetan doctors. So this is how they are made according to traditional technique. I hope this answered your question! Are you a practitioner of Tibetan KuNye Massage?

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