The Many Health Benefits Of Massage

Those of us who are massage therapists or bodyworkers and have used massage in a professional manner for treating our clients or patients are, or at least should be, aware of the many health benefits of this therapy.

But do we really know on which different levels massage stimulates us? Do we know to whom we could recommend a massage treatment depending on the effects they are seeking? Let´s take a look at the benefits of massage therapy on all levels of the human being.


Physical Level

Here we refer to the effects of massage on a purely physical level, that we can notice on our body; skin, muscles, organs, systems. We would say that these are the most known benefits of massage today.

Relieves postural stress (especially from all the sitting we do)

Eases muscle pain

Relieves headaches

Boosts the immune system

Alleviates Sports injuries

Lowers blood pressure

Increases skin flexibility and oxygenation

Increases gastrointestinal movement

Stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation

Increases joint mobility and strength


Mental level

When we talk about mental level we mean anything related with our mind and subtle body; emotions, different states of consciousness, etc.

Has a relaxing effect

Sedates the central nervous system

Decreases anxiety

Soothes depression

Improves quality of sleep

Increases body awareness


Energy level

This level if usually the hardest one to define, but we can say energy is what makes us work, its what makes you get up in the morning, its what makes you feel good or bad vibrations with people or events throughout the day, etc.

Promotes the free flow of energy

Boosts a positive mindset

Releases energy blocks


We are sure that you can think of more health benefits of massage, so please share them here with us! How do you usually “sell” a massage treatment to a client, what benefits do you stress?

Wishing you a great day ahead,

Massage Around the World Team




9 thoughts on “The Many Health Benefits Of Massage”

  1. I didn’t know that getting a massage has so many benefits. I’ll have to schedule a full body massage sometime. I’d appreciate an improved quality of sleep.

  2. Really massage has lost health benefits like stress-free, pain relief, blood circulation, headache etc.

  3. yeah you are absolutly right Massage boosts mental level,energy level and physical level.Massage is the best source for relaxation of the human body but on the other hand, it is also necessary that it gets accomplished only through skilled professionals. There are many schools teaching massage therapy in Florida but an institute which stands out from all these is One Stop Continuing Education which provides for experienced professionals to get it done. To know more

  4. Michael Winchester

    What a fantastic post! This is so chock full of useful information about men’s fitness. I can’t wait to dig deep and start utilizing the resources you have given me.

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