Is designed to include theory (20%), that can be done either in person or online live (VILT), and practice (80%), providing the student with a solid base for comprehending the foundations of the modality, ability to perform it to perfection, as well as implement it within the context of the Spa / Wellness facility. We recommend the courses in therapies to include:

  • Client full wellness evaluation.
  • Customized treatment.
  • Lifestyle recommentationsTips”.
  • Retail sales as a service.

Integrative training: Tranining your staff in wellness experiences, client evaluation, cross-sellling, treatment excellence, self-care, wow service.
Personalization and Identity: Integrate all your treatments into your Spa concept, identity, values and operations, and make the difference.
• Management support: Development of brand rituals, Visiting Practitioners program management, etc.

  • Innovation and high-quality performance over time. We adapt, create and design the trainings according to your needs.