Revive Your Treatment Menu with Tibetan KuNye Massage

Are you on the search for an authentic and unique treatment that would add a holistic flair to your Treatment Menu? Are your clients or patients asking for new solutions to their health problems? If so, then you might have found what you were looking for in the Tibetan KuNye massage. This ancient but still fairly unexploited form of massage balances the body and mind, eases pain, relaxes tensions and revitalizes energy.

Tibetan KuNye Massage: Boosting Health for Centuries

We know today that the Tibetan KuNye massage dates back centuries as it can be found in the Four Medical Tantras; the texts that constitute the cornerstone of Tibetan Medicine. The Kunye massage was formerly applied by traditional doctors for balancing the internal elements of the body, preventing imbalances, relaxing the body and mind and even for curing disease. A variety of specific massage strokes designed for increasing energy flow and opening the energy channels; stimulation of the body´s energy points through acupressure and the use of Zathi-Dukpa (herbal bag); exfoliation, etc. , are all utilized during the Tibetan KuNye massage in order to promote well-being and restore health. Each massage treatment is unique and tailored to the client´s needs.


The Benefits of the Tibetan KuNye Massage

From a Tibetan health perspective, Tibetan KuNye massage has two main purposes. First, to soothe tensions, to relax and bring balance to the body and mind, to relieve stress – and as a result of all this – promote well-being and prevent imbalances and disorders. The second function is more therapeutic, and it aims to treat and relieve a specific disorder or disease. Tibetan KuNye massage is beneficial in both cases and can be applied either as a relaxing / preventive, or as a healing treatment.

Some of the benefits of the Tibetan KuNye massage:


  • Increases flexibility
  • Increases oxygenation
  • Removes dead cells…


Circulatory system

  • Activates venous and lymphatic circulation…
  • Reabsorbs the interstitial fluid…



Musculoskeletal system

  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Increases muscle elasticity
  • Increases joint mobility and strength
  • Stimulates osseous activity…


Digestive system

  • Increases bowel movements
  • Increases renal filtration…



  • Increases tidal volume
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases body awareness…


Tibetan KuNye massage in your Spa – dazzle your guests!

The KuNye massage is great in the sense that it can be offered either as a stand-alone treatment with relaxing purposes, or as a continuous treatment for balancing the body-mind and even healing disorders.


KuNye as a stand-alone massage

In the first scenario, the massage is performed according to standard guidelines (pressure, number of repetitions of the strokes, oil to be used, etc…), and it can be applied to any client / guest that wishes to revitalize him- or herself through this alluring treatment.

KuNye as a continuous treatment

In the second scenario, the therapist will perform a brief but enlightening diagnosis of the client´s situation, taking into acccount diet, lifestyle, constitution, preferences, etc. The therapist can then, using the information provided by the client, tailor the Tibetan KuNye massage to fit the client´s needs perfectly. In addition, the therapist might give diet and lifestyle recommendations to the client to bring added value. This leads to a special relationship between the client and the therapist / Spa, and to regular treatments to improve the client´s health on all levels and to prevent imbalances.

The Tibetan KuNye massage can be employed by either one or two therapists, depending on the resources of the Spa and the purpose of the treatment. The material used during the massage session is easy to come by and to use.

This massage can add value to your current treatment menu and provide your clients with a truly holistic and health promoting treatment as well as boost your image as a state-of-the-art professional.

Learn more…

If you want to learn this massage technique, check out our online Tibetan KuNye massage course in which you will learn the entire massage comfortably from your home. The course includes a theory part with an explanation of the link between Tibetan Medicine and the Tibetan KuNye massage, interviews of renown Tibetan doctors etc.,  and a practical part in which you will learn the massage through explanatory texts, step-by-step videoclips and illustrations.

Wishing you a meaningful day ahead,

César Tejedor

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