The difference between a good therapist and an amazing one, is that the first one focuses in the professional application of the protocol (repeat the same protocol over and over, like a work chain robot), but an amazing one focuses on creating a true impact on the clients life, first, evaluating their needs, then, addapting the treatment according to those needs, offering long term solutions through lifestyle (once at home), and facilitating the tools to implement it.
Because we are unique individuals, with unique needs, and we need to be treated professionally by humans who cares and knows. 
Our Mission is to humanize and wellnessify the Spa, Wellness & Medical Industry, and their most important value, their Staff.
We develop and provide you with the treatment protocols for each treatment, as well as tailor the training to your SOPs. The training duration and contents can be adapted to client needs, therapist background and company philosophy.
All treatments will be taught to be offered in two different durations (30, 60, 90 or 120min).