Sound Healing With Singing Bowls Course Video

The CEO and head trainer of Massage Around The World, César Tejedor, has been giving live courses, workshops and trainings all around the world throughout the year. To name a few locations he has had the pleasure to visit and work in: Portugal, Kuwait, USA, Abu Dhabi, Spain, and Hong Kong…and the list will become longer until 2017 comes to its end!

The latest 3 day live course he gave was in Hong Kong, a place he just loves to visit, both for business and pleasure. The course on Sound Healing With Singing Bowls, offered in collaboration with Sound Therapy HK, was a great success and we wanted to share a short video of it! The course covers everything from the foundations of sound healing, the effects sound has on the body and mind,  to the many different uses of the singing bowls, and up to 5 different singing bowl treatments!

Click on the PLAY button on below video to watch!

Hope you enjoyed it! For more information on courses and trainings do not hesitate to contact us.

Wishing you a meaningful day ahead,

César Tejedor



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