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Hello, and welcome to the Massage Around the World blog!

In this blog we will address subjects related to traditional medicine, massage, health & lifestyle, yoga, meditation, dietetics, physical therapy, as well as our upcoming trip to Asia in April 2014!

We are delighted to have you visiting our first blog post, in which we´d like to introduce ourselves and what we do.

We have spent the last decade travelling around the world studying and investigating traditional medicines and massage techniques with native masters (in India, Tibet, Thailand, Indonesia, China, etc.), and eventhough these trips have been extremely rewarding in the sense of the knowledge we have acquired and the marvellous people we have encountered, they led to an important insight: There is a significant lack of resources and a general difficulty (economical, cultural and geographical) to receive high-quality teachings on traditional and alternative medicine and massage techniques.


In order to act upon this apprehension, we have created a platform that offers online courses in traditional massage techniques and medicine, bringing the ancient know-how of native masters into the homes of everyone that wants to expand their horizons and learn about new ways of comprehending and treating the human being. Our courses are created in collaboration with the best schools and masters in each field, and consist of a theoretical (medicine, history) and practical (step by step massage videos and illustrations) part, as well as video interviews and master´s classes given by experts. You can find more information about us and our courses on our website.

We are also working with our collaborators to bring authentic masters of traditional medicine and massage to Western countries, and at the same time we are keen to help Western students to find high-quality schools in the countries where the techniques originate.

As we are very conscious of that a meaningful blog is created together with the readers, we warmly recommend you to be proactive and to join the discussions emerging from our posts.

Wishing you all a meaningful day and hoping to see you here again soon,

César Tejedor

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