The Optimal Diet

Today Friday March 20th, on the International Day of Happiness, I have been thinking about what really makes us happy? Our family and friends, a job that we love….sure, but these are all external factors, and we will only really be able to enjoy them if we are healthy and filled with energy. And a major factor for our well-being is our metabolism that is directly affected by our diet. So, in order to be happy, we need to take care of what and how we eat!

The importance of nutrition in Tibetan Medicine

We at Massage Around the World attended the Tibetan Medicine and Modern Life conference organized by the Shang Shung Foundation in Tenerife, the Canary Islands (Spain) this week, and truly enjoyed the talks on nutrition and lifestyle recommendations by Tibetan doctors, as well as presentations on the person-centered medicine paradigm, integrative medicine and much more.

In Tibetan Medicine nutrition plays a significant role in our health, and a poor digestion is the cause for many types of illnesses. This medicinal system focuses on health maintenance and prevention and it treats individuals rather than diseases.

One of my favorite talks was given by one of our collaborators, the world famous Tibetan doctor Namgyal Qusar, on the “optimal diet “. In fact, I found it so interesting and value-adding that I wanted to share its key points with all of our followers! So please see below the top 10 tips on how to stay healthy through an optimal diet. And keep in mind that it is as much about how and when you eat, as what you eat…



The Optimal Diet According to Dr. Namgyal Qusar

  1. Always eat at regular times.
  2. Eat the right amount of foods (according to Tibetan Medicine during meals we ought to fill our stomach with solid food, liquid, as well as leave some empty space for facilitating digestion).
  3. Drink boiled water (you can drink it lukewarm or cold) – a glass of warm boiled water first thing in the morning is great for kick starting your digestive fire as well as eliminating toxins from the body.
  4. Eat a healthy, protein-rich, breakfast.
  5. Eat a nourishing lunch and avoid taking a nap afterwards.
  6. Eat an early and light dinner minimum 3 h before going to bed.
  7. Eat according to the season and climate.
  8. Eat less raw foods during winter.
  9. Sleep well and enough.
  10. Exercise regularly.


So don’t waste any time, start putting into practice these easy to apply yet super effective tips in your daily life! I´m sure you will notice the difference very soon.

Wishing you a happy day ahead,

Camilla Ilves

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