Tibetan KuNye Massage online course preview

Massage Around the World CEO César Tejedor has offered trainings in Tibetan KuNye Massage throughout this spring, and as many people who could not make the on-site trainings (mostly for obvious geographical limitations!) have been asking about this massage therapy, we wanted to share some information here…

CLICK ON THE BELOW VIDEO TO WATCH a short preview of the Tibetan KuNye Massage online course that we have created with the help of renown Tibetan doctors and experts from Tibet. This video includes parts of the massage sequences on the lower limbs and back. Enjoy and feel free to share! 


This unique massage derives from Traditional Tibetan Medicine. The massage therapist makes use of the herbal bags, Zathi-Dukpa, and his/her hands to stimulate the body´s energy points and channels, with the aim of creating a balance between body and mind and promote overall well-being. This is a full body massage that will leave your client relaxed and recharged with energy. The practice of Tibetan KuNye massage also entails a deeper diagnosis of the client, taking into account diet, lifestyle, diseases, etc., and allows the therapist to offer a truly personalized and effective treatment in a longer time perspective. 

Learn more about the massage course by clicking here.


Wishing you a meaningful day ahead,

César Tejedor & The Massage Around the World team



“I was pleasantly surprised to find this Tibetan KuNye massage course far exceeded my expectations of what an online class would entail. In addition to the well laid out format for “follow along ” hands on massage practice; Massage Around the World shared most respectfully a wonderful window into the Tibetan culture and medical healing traditions. I feel confident in the new massage techniques I have learned and excited to share new ways to maintain health and well-being with my clients and friends.” – Chameil Haney, NYS LMT.

“I really enjoyed the Tibetan KuNye massage course, it was very interesting and I learned a lot about its background. When I needed support throughout the course I got feedback fast, the supervisors are very kind and helpful. The step by step instructions for the massage itself are very clear and easy to follow. Thanks for this experience.” – Beatrice Kiessling, meditation instructor, massage and transpersonal therapist.



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