Tok Sen Massage: Healing From Deep Within

Most of us are familiar with traditional Thai massage, but how many of us have experienced the healing vibrations of the Tok Sen massage? This massage, originating in Northern Thailand, is unlike anything else and is yet to be discovered by the mainstream. Be among the first to get a glimpse of the characteristics and effects of this powerful treatment!


What Is The Tok Sen Massage?

First of all let´s get the terminology straight. The name, Tok Sen, makes reference to the instruments as well as application of the massage. “Tok” comes from the sound that the mallet makes when hitting the wooden wedge, and “Sen” relates to the Sen energy lines in traditional Thai medicine. Hence, the Tok Sen massage makes use of a small mallet and wedge, often made of wood from the tamarind tree, to stimulate the energy points and lines of the body. What really makes the Tok Sen massage stand out from other massage modalities, is that it combines the deep vibration produced by the wooden instruments with manual pressure and passive stretches, in order to transform the body, mind and energy and reinstate well-being.


How Is The Tok Sen Massage Applied?tok-sen-massage-massage-around-the-world-2

It integrates the Tok Sen instruments with massage strokes and stretches from traditional Thai massage. The wooden mallet and wedge are used in different ways according to the effects that we seek as well as the area which is being stimulated. To give you an example, the wedge can be tapped on a single point, in segments, tracing a line, etc. The manual pressure and stretches are often applied at the beginning or/and end of a massage sequence. While the stretches seek to loosen up the body, the intense vibrations of the Tok Sen instruments work on our energy as well as physical level, reaching deep inside, healing us from within.


Why I Would Recommend The Tok Sen Massage

Simply because it holds the virtue of relaxing us and energizing us at the same time from deep within! The constant sound of the tapping as well as the deep vibrations bring us into a meditative state and clears our minds of any distractions. It produces a sensation of relaxation and tranquility. At the same time the tapping of the Tok Sen stimulates our tendons, skin, muscles, circulatory system, etc., on a physical level. On an energy level, the stimulation of the energy points and lines opens up blockages and reactivates the free flow of energy throughout the body, which in turn reinstates health and well-being.

In short, I really recommend you to try out this wonderful massage technique and explore its many beneficial effects on your being as a whole. If you are a massage therapists or practitioner, why not learn this unique modality and offer something different to your clients or friends?

Wishing you a beautiful day ahead,

César Tejedor


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