We work and collaborate with a big variety of trainers from all around the world, from integrative medicine doctors, to sound healers, from physiotherapists, to shamans, dietitians, cosmetologist, massage therapist, traditional medicine doctors, etc.

In Massage Around the World, we have developed our own training protocol that it is followed by all our trainers, that consist on:

  • A first approach to the theoretical principals
  • Evaluation of the Client
  • Taylor made treatment according to the clients needs
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • And tools/products to accomplish those recomendations from home
  • Follow up

We refuse to train robots on protocols, and want to go one step further and train therapist in order to give them the tools to create an impact in their clients lifes.
Proud to be named Best trainer in Europe & UK 2020 by Hall of Wellness Awards.