Watch How They Make The Singing Bowls

The making of the Tibetan or Himalayan singing bowls is a laborious process, but the outcome is truly marvellous! Watch our video on how these instruments used in sound healing, meditation, or music therapy, are elaborated, to get an idea of the precision as well as passion that is put into them…

The composition of the Tibetan singing bowls can vary, and they usually include from three to twelve different types of metals. The singing bowls produced in this video are made out of an alloy of 7 metals: copper, tin, lead, zinc, silver, mercury and gold. They come in different sizes, and each bowl produces its unique sound and vibrations. Also other varieties of singing bowls exist, such as those made of crystal or quartz, that produce a different sound compared to the metal bowls.


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We hope you enjoyed this video! If you are interested in learning how to use these wonderful instruments for sound healing, you can take a look at our Tibetan singing bowl massage online course by clicking here.

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