Welcome Summer With Our Wellness Tips!

Sunshine, fresh fruit, beach, hammocks, time off, relaxation, family time…summer is here!!! Our team at Massage Around The World have compiled some tips to help you spend an amazing wellness inspired summer with your loved ones.



  • STAY HYDRATED. We can not stress this enough! Drink water or diluted fruit juices throughout the day, the recommended amount is 8-10 glasses. Remind especially the youngest and oldest family members to also drink regularly.
  • PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE SUN. When possible, stay out of the sun during the hottest hours of the day. When you are in direct sunlight, apply sunscreen (SPF at least 15!) 30min before exposing yourself to the sun, and use waterproof protection when needed. Remember to protect also your lips, ears, eyelids, feet…Don´t forget to cover your head and to use sunglasses!
  • EAT FRESH AND SEASONAL PRODUCTS. This is the best part! Enjoy all the healthy, seasonal fruits and vegetables you can find in your local market or wellness store! Prepare them in different ways to surprise your family and friends!healthy-salad
  • EXERCISE OUTDOORS. Another great thing about summer is that you can forget about indoor sports and enjoy outdoor activities such as bicycling, swimming, hiking, playing tennis, badminton, rowing, sailing, etc…
  • CARE FOR YOUR SKIN AND HAIR. In order to avoid damage from the sun we would recommend you to exfoliate and hydrate your skin regularly, as well as give your hair some extra hydration through treatments, masks, etc.
  • GET A MASSAGE. Being who we are, we just had to slip this one in here. During your vacation try to enjoy some alone time and get yourself a relaxing massage…you will feel rejuvenated and re-energized after it for sure!
  • DISCONNECT DURING YOUR VACATION. It sounds so easy but so few of us actually manage to do it! This means no work calls nor emails, no obligations, no alarm clocks, no appointments. In other words it means: ENJOY.


We invite you to share your own summer wellness tips and experiences with us in the comments below!


Wishing you a wonderful start of the summer,

César Tejedor & the Massage Around The World Team  😎 


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