What Can We Treat With Tibetan Singing Bowls?

We had the pleasure to interview the experienced sound healer and Tibetan singing bowl therapist Ángel Carrasco about how we can use the singing bowls with different purposes. Read about how the Tibetan singing bowls can help us to diagnose the vital energy level of the client and to reinstate health.


What disorders can be treated with the Tibetan singing bowls?

During the last 8 years I have been giving singing bowl treatments in hospitals, especially to patients that suffer from schizophrenia, autism, as well as a mix of psychological and physical disorders. The doctors have told me that they have observed differences in the client´s condition before and after the singing bowl treatments. For example, in some cases a patient that has not been speaking for years, has started to communicate him- or herself verbally after a few singing bowl treatment sessions. So this is a very powerful tool of healing if you know how to use it correctly.


Can we stimulate the Chakras during a Tibetan singing bowl treatment?

The Chakras are so called energy centers in our body that are important for maintaining a balanced state of health. We can harmonize them through projecting the singing bowl on a particular Chakra. The vibrations of the singing bowl penetrate our body and energy system harmonizing the Chakras and reinstating balance in our body. While projecting the singing bowl on a Chakra, we can simultaneously chant a mantra that corresponds to that particular energy center in order to achieve more profound effects and stimulate the Chakra with the vibrations from the bowl as well as our chanting. For example, according to the Tibetan tradition, the Crown Chakra corresponds to the sound “Om”, the Throat Chakra to the sound “Ah”, etc.


Do you make a diagnosis of your client´s condition during a Tibetan singing bowl session?

Yes, I feel that it is important to evaluate the client´s state of health and especially his/her vital energy during a singing bowl treatment. In my diagnosis method I use intuition, analyse the sound that the singing bowls reflect as well as the temperature of the body area or energy center that I am working on. The intuition is really a key factor for me in my treatments and I have been improving my natural instinct for years. Through the diagnosis I am able to analyze the vital energy level of the client and this allows me to alter the energy levels with the vibrations of the singing bowls. This said, it may take years of practice to become confident with diagnosing your clients, as it is all very much linked to your individual mindset and sensitivity.

We had a great time interviewing Ángel and thank him for sharing his insights with us!

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César Tejedor

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4 thoughts on “What Can We Treat With Tibetan Singing Bowls?”

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    1. Angel Carrasco

      My experience with autism people has been very profound because since 12 years ago I still working with people like that, applying mantras sound healing by singing bowls and others sacred objects according my tantric vows. In fact I usually apply mental projection taking the current picture or photo of the patient and transforming this view in other healthy picture or person driving with singing bowls and mantras to protect the energetic body. In essence this is it. The most important thing is not your technic instead of that the most important thing is your background daily mental practice and meditation, perfection of mind, speech and body action, integrating everything on unit perfection of emptiness. With all of that you can working together with any kind of mental problems about you and others understanding everything and all of root cause of disease, understanding everything you can change his root cause and transforming the present or current result. Than easy like that.

      The effect on people with autism depends on each. The mist common is to react to the sound of sound if the bowls, these used to capture their attention. And these persons leave for a while repetitive behaviours. It depends of person but the most important thing is recovering the focus on attention.

      Thank you
      Warm regards.

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