What We Do

What We Do

  • We offer online massage courses on Traditional Massage and Healing: Ayurvedic, Tibetan and Thai techniques.
  • We offer tailored on-site training, courses and workshops on various massage techniques.
  • We offer consulting services for Spas, Wellness Centers and Massage Centers in pre-opening, staff training, etc…
  • We offer Singing bowl sets for Sound healing and massage. Our high-quality Singing bowls are hand-made in Nepal.
  • We organize massage courses in the country of origin per demand.
  • We provide renown experts on traditional medicines, healing and massage for workshops, conferences, etc.
  • We just launched our innovative treatment VibraHealing. For more information and collaboration contact us!


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Our mission

Make the study of traditional massage and healing techniques available to everyone regardless of their economical, cultural and geographical situation.

At Massage Around the World we want to provide thousands of practitioners within the wellness segment with useful new skills that they can implement in their daily work. Our desire is that the health of millions of individuals will benefit from the diffusion of this know-how.Massage-around-the-world-study-online-massage-courses

We offer online massage courses on traditional massage and healing techniques with an accreditation that demonstrates the quality of our products. Our courses are executed on our Online training platform and embody text, images, illustrations, step-by-step videos, interviews, video lectures, etc. Please visit our course section to learn more.

We also offer on-site courses on demand, as well as staff training for Spa/Hotel/Wellness center therapists. Apart from training we also support Spas and Massage/Wellness centers in the pre-opening as well as management phase with our Spa consulting services.

We differ from others in that we place authentic and selective educational material, certified by collaborators in the countries of origin, at the disposal of a huge variety of professionals and aspirants within the wellness and massage sector.

Our main target group consists of licensed or certified massage therapists (LMT, CMT, RMT, MT, ABT, OMD, PT, etc.,) – as well as people who want to learn massage and healing methods on a professional level – who wish to discover or deepen their knowledge about a traditional technique, such as Ayurvedic massage, Chinese massage, Tibetan KuNye massage, Tibetan Signing bowl massage, Balinese massage, Traditional Thai massage, Reflexology, and so on…

Our vision

Our vision is to be an educational forum of reference in the area of traditional massage and healing on an international level.

We aspire to be a benchmark school by offering high-quality massage courses with an excellent utility, at a Massage-school-massage-around-the-worldcompetitive price.

We will always strive to innovate ourselves, developing new materials together with experts in each field and country. In the near future we want to offer courses in various languages so that more and more people have the opportunity to learn traditional and alternative massage techniques through Massage Around the World.

We seek to be providers of massage courses to hotels, spas, massage schools and cosmetic brands, and even offer the possibility to create presencial, semi-presencial and/or online tailor-made courses, adapted to the needs of our client (introducing their corporate image, protocols, treatments, shooting the video in their installations, etc…)

The quality and originality of our products, the familiar behaviour within our team as well as with our partners and clients, and the company´s ability to adapt to new tendencies, are the key ingredients for our persistence over time.

Our values

Massage-around-the-world-valuesPRACTICAL APPLICABILITY:
All of our products have to be easy to put into practice.

We strive to achieve the optimal balance between quality and efficiency in everything we do.

We promote self-realization amongst our co-workers as well as our clients.

We set out to see the world from a different perspective.

We stand for respecting all cultures, religions, traditions and races, and for taking responsibility for our actions and helping the needy.

“Learn the rules well, so you can break them effectively” – The Dalai Lama