What We Do

What We Do

We train your Spa staff to be the best. To perform the most pleasant and effective treatments; offer the most exclusive services; generate a positive impact in your clients lives; to be highly profitable; to find happiness and motivation within your Company.

  • We offer tailored on-site training in various massage techniques.
  • We offer consultancy services for Spas, Wellness Centers, Governments and Associations.
  • We offer online massage courses with Continuing Education credits in Ayurveda, Tibetan and Sound healing modalities.
  • Our Founder César Tejedor offers Wellness Coaching services for corporations (wellness at work) and individuals (improve your wellbeing).
  • We provide renown experts in Spa & Wellness and in Traditional Medicines for workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Learn more about our innovative treatment with singing bowls, meditation and music therapy called VibraHealing.

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Our mission & vision

MISSION. Spread the real meaning of wellness around the world. Improve the quality of the Spa industry by making the study of integrative wellness available to everyone.

VISION. Our vision is to be a benchmark training provider in the area of Spa and Wellness on an international level.

Our values

Massage-around-the-world-valuesPRACTICAL APPLICABILITY:
All of our products have to be easy to put into practice.

We strive to achieve the optimal balance between quality and efficiency in everything we do.

We promote self-realization amongst our co-workers as well as our clients.

We set out to see the world from a different perspective.

We stand for respecting all cultures, religions, traditions and races, and for taking responsibility for our actions and helping the needy.

“Learn the rules well, so you can break them effectively” – The Dalai Lama