Indian Head Massage For Beauticians

About a week ago my wife Camilla went on a pampering session. Don´t we all need that from time to time! She went to a beauty salón to enjoy a hydrating facial treatment and a manicure. The feedback she gave me from the treatment inspired me to write this article, with the hope that it could help beauticians to diversify their treatment offering and, in turn, increase their client base. Let´s see if it manages to do so!

“The Wasted Minutes”

When my wife came home, looking ever so radiant and relaxed (yes, she does read these posts), she declared that she had very much enjoyed her treatments, except for a tiny yet very significant detail: she said, literally, that she never understood when the beauticians did not make a better use of the time when the hydrating mask was doing its effect during the facial, or when the nail polish was drying…she said it felt like a waste of time for her just lying/sitting there waiting for what would happen next. Of course every beautician and/or Spa therapist works differently so I don´t want to generalize here, but even so I feel quite confident to say that many times they could use these “waisted minutes” during the treatment more effectively, for example by offering a complementary service. This would hardly do any harm, on the contrary, I believe that it would increase both client satisfaction as well as the beauticians earnings, making it a win-win situation.



Indian Head Massage as a complementary service

A great complementary service to offer, when possible, is always some kind of massage. Why? Because everybody enjoyes a massage, and its something that you only need two hands to do, and a bit of practice of course, but it does not require (or hardly ever) any further equipment nor expensive products. The Indian head massage is the perfect match for beauty treatments, because it can be done either with the client lying down or (more commonly) in a seated position, with the clothes on. The duration of the Indian head massage is usually around 30-45min, but it can be adapted to the beauticians needs, to less time if required. So for example, during a manicure or pedicure, a body wrap, facial treatment, etc., the moment when the beautician or Spa therapist is letting the products do their magic, is great for applying the Indian head massage, which is a relaxing and soothing massage that works on the scalp, neck, shoulders, and face. As mentioned its application in terms of duration, method (for example during a facial the therapist can not massage the face), as well as repetitions of massage strokes can be easily adapted to the nature and  timeline of the treatment at hand.

Some beauty centers are already using the Indian head massage, and also other types of complementary massages, to create the most beneficial experience for their clients, and trust me, they tend to receive great feedback from it! If you are interested in learning more about the Indian head massage click here.

If you have ideas or experience of other complementary massages please feel free to post them in the comments section below, thank you!

Wishing you a meaningful day ahead,

César Tejedor

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    1. Camilla Ilves

      Hi Rhonda, so great to hear that you are interested in learning the Indian head massage! Its a really effective and pleasant massage both to apply and receive! you can check out our online massage course here if you are really eager to learn!

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